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Bellydance in Oslo

Laila Bellydance is from Norway. Laila has a bachelor degree in dance teaching from Bodø College (Universitetet i Nordland) in Norway.

- Certified Simonsonteacher at Dance Space Center (now DNA) in New York.
- Certified at CATT Certified Academic Teacher Training in Berlin at Tanzstudio Cifuentes
- Certified Instructor in Jallabina Workout (aerobic / fitness) in Stockholm at Dance Connect

She has teaching experience in ballet, jazz, modern, bellydance, folklore, massage, aerobic / fitness, pilates and yoga. Laila has been dancing, teaching and studied belly dance for 20 years in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland, USA, Australia and Egypt.

New this year is Jallabina workout. An aerobic class inspired by bellydance, samba, african dance, bollywood and martal art. Feminin, fun and efficent work out to music that will inspire you.

Bellydance classes every Wednesday in Lillestrøm. English speaking students are welcome to join regular workshops. Private lessons in English for one person or small group is also available.

Bellydance show can be arranged for your event.

Please contact Laila Bellydance
Phone: 988 71 274
E-mail: madamqadam(a)gmail.com

All photo copyright Laila Bellydance

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